providing people qualities for people solutions

Providing our clientele with a personal and sensitive architectural service is our main priority.  Our experience has verified the importance and value of planning space for "people."  This requires a personal relationship, starting with the initial planning ideas, maintained throughout the occupancy and use of your facility.


A sincere care for people and a vision for personal attention and responsibility have resulted in "Space Planning for People."  There can be no substitute for the eye-to-eye relationship between the client and his architect. This person-to-person relationship builds a firm foundation for understanding, sensitivity, compassion, trust and responsibility.  These 'people qualities' provide the necessary structure for all of our planning efforts.


Our experience, working closely with planning, construction, finance and other various building committees, groups and individuals has also established the importance of careful, considerate, positive leadership by the Architect.  A successful project will result in good relationships, as well as a building that is inviting to enter and a genuine pleasure to use - reflecting the temperance, gentleness and love invested in it.



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